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Liette Monat M.B.A., Ph.D.


Liette Monat has headed Liette Monat Business Strategies inc. since 1989. Widely recognized for training and coaching in the field of professional and financial services, the firm guides professionals, managers and advisors in business development and client satisfaction.

Liette holds a B.A. in psychology (University of Sherbrooke), a Master's degree in education (McGill University), an M.B.A. (HEC, Montréal) and a Ph.D. in organizational development (The Fielding Institute, California).

She authored the book Go Beyond the Red! (Thomson Reuters, 2011). In this practical guide she advises professionals and managers on business development and how to establish lasting business relationships.

Paule Marchand M.B.A.


Paule Marchand gained experience in professional services as both consultant and client in Canada and Hong Kong.

Now a partner in the firm Liette Monat Business Strategies inc., Paule develops and leads training sessions to help professionals establish priviledged business relationships with their clients. She has given a number of conferences on business development.

Paule holds a B.A. in business (Bishop's University) and an M.B.A. (HEC, Montréal).

Manon Richard B.A.


Manon Richard has over 20 years' experience in the development of marketing and communication strategies, as well as in the organization of growth events. She heads the group Manon Richard Communication Inc., which specializes in communication. effective communication, communication strategies, ? – to sound better. Manon collaborates actively with Liette Monat Business Strategies inc., for whom she has trained more than 5,000 professionals and financial advisors in business development, networking, negotiation and public speaking. Manon holds a B.A. in geography (University of Sherbrooke) and a diploma in training in public relations (University of Montréal).