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Discover how to maximize your impact in all your professional activities.

Go Beyond the RED!

Your excellence is defined by how others see you.

Go from being a "service provider" to an "advisor". Besides delivering impeccable services (RED), it is your professional responsibility to nourish your business relationships in YELLOW and GREEN in order to make them lasting and profitable. There is always room for improvement in the YELLOW and GREEN.

Score points when you sell your services.

Write outstanding service offers and make powerful sales presentations.

Respond to clients' questions skillfully; overcome their doubts to reach an agreement.

Networking and courting effectively

Networking demands precious time without necessarily producing the results you want.

  • Make yourself known, maintain your contacts and establish new ones, without looking like a peddler of services.
  • Turn a social relationship into a business one within a reasonable time.

Manage difficult clients and challenging situations.

Courted by your competitors, do your clients challenge you to prove the advantages of your offer? Do they express dissatisfaction or make unrealistic demands?

It's expensive – but worth it

  • Do justice to the value of your services.
  • Don't reduce your fees – sell them!
  • Make yourself and your services outstanding to justify your price.

Make your impact work for you!

  • Make winning sales presentations to an individual, a group or a committee.
  • Adopt the right strategy, structure your presentation and choose the proper words to achieve your objective.
  • Manage the question period.

Extend the honeymoon

Why should your clients remain faithful to you?

Nourish your clients' satisfaction with you and your relationship, and distinguish yourself in their eyes. Deal quickly with any minor dissatisfactions or irritations.

Evaluate your clients' satisfaction

When? How? Why? How to do it so as to get an accurate, useful reading and get your clients to see what's in it for them.

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