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Ne vous arrêtez
plus au rouge !

Maximize your impact in all your business Interactions

Manage the YELLOW and the GREEN.

Your success will be all the greater.

  • +Your competence and knowledge (RED) are necessary to establish your professional credibility. However, in an increasingly competitive market, they are not enough.
  • +Your relationship and strategic skills (YELLOW) are essential for you to build meaningful business relationships.
  • +Your proactive involvement and your advisory role (GREEN) are critical for you to become an indispensable business partner.

In this practical guide you will find a variety of ways to manage the intangible aspects of your work context by saying and doing things effectively. You will learn how to make a strong impression, sell your ideas, resolve difficult situations and negotiate successful agreements.

You will learn how to stand out from the crowd and become an indispensable, trusted advisor.

A sample of the table of contents

  • Target to win!
  • Network effectively
  • "Woo" your targets skillfully
  • Present your ideas and solutions successfully
  • Impress your targets beyond their expectations
  • Grow with your targets
  • Over to you!

+À propos de l'auteure

Liette Monat has headed Liette Monat Business Strategies inc. since 1989. Widely recognized for training and coaching in the field of professional and financial services, the firm guides professionals, managers and advisors in business development and client satisfaction.

Liette holds a B.A. in psychology (University of Sherbrooke), a Master's degree in education (McGill University), an M.B.A. (HEC, Montréal) and a Ph.D. in organizational development (The Fielding Institute, California).

She authored the book Go Beyond the Red! (Thomson Reuters, 2011). In this practical guide she advises professionals and managers on business development and how to establish lasting business relationships.

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